Life Balance: My tank top’s dirty, but my toilet’s clean

One hundred percent, if I come to your house and your toilet is dirty, I’m gonna hate you a little.

I’ll wait for you to gasp and distort your face into all kinds of mispleased and offended horror. *pauses; taps foot* Ya good now? Ya know why you should be? Because you’re going to judge me for my dirty tank top. Stay with me here.

Here’s the thing about working full time, keeping a place, running errands, meeting social obligations, showing up for appointments, working even more, and sleeping: there is no – and I will repeat – NO balance. I don’t care what kind of inspired swill you’ve been reading about work-life balance, and connecting with your spiritual center — some of us are just not born to achieve this type of balance. When you are trying to accomplish all things in adult life, balance seems like a weird and almost annoying dream. How do some people get everything done and still manage to curl their hair in the morning? Not this breed, I’ll tell ya. I’m always heavier on one end of the completion record when it comes to obligatory domestic fulfillment than the other. Still, there are certain fundamentals in my book that need to be met if you’re out there hoofing it on your own. Here are two of them. Continue reading “Life Balance: My tank top’s dirty, but my toilet’s clean”