the webSite

Welcome to my website! Formally The Stumble is Real: A blog for misdirected, confused, and underachieving adults, the site has evolved into my personal portfolio where I will share creative narrative, poetry, musings, and yes – anecdotes about my life struggling through adulthood. I hope that my work speaks to visitors/readers and offers a degree of light, inspiration, romance, and humor in an otherwise uncertain world. Thanks for visiting!

the Writer

My name is Renée, but you can call me RDP. I’m a writer/editor based in Long Island, New York. I attended Molloy College (go Lions!), where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a minor in creative writing. For more than a decade, I’ve served as an editorial manager/director for a publishing company.

Married and living in a home filled with fur-babies, I am an aspiring Egyptologist and creative writer with a focus on poety, vignettes, romantic narrative, and historical fiction. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but I’m most often motiviated by the microinteractions between people, body language, or understated human attributes. I also find great muses in music and nature, the two of which frequently dance hand in hand.

Things I’m into: craft beer; videogames; movies; comics; hair dye; tattoos; dogs; art; music; nature; history; and Norse and Egyptian esoteric wisdom/traditions. Things I’m not into: vengeful humans; abuse of any kind; discrimination; racism; entitlement; COVID-19; overflowing toilets; crowded tasting rooms; rompers; group texts; and meetings that could have been emails.

I look forward to reaching you through my work, and I welcome your feedback and questions.

Cheers! Stay jaunty.