About the Blog

Welcome to The Stumble is Real: A blog for misdirected, confused and underachieving adults! Here you will find anecdotes about my life struggling through adulthood. I hope that my experiences and observations speak to readers while they navigate through their own lives. At the very least, I aspire to make visitors laugh and feel a little bit more lighthearted despite the pressure that life has a habit of doling out, ’cause ya know, every day we’re stumblin’.

About the Blogger

Hey, guys! My name is Renee, but you can call me RDP. I’m a 39-year-old writer/editor based in Long Island, N.Y. I attended Molloy College (go Lions!), where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a minor in creative writing. For the past nine years, I’ve served as an editorial director for a publishing company.

Married with eight fur-babies, I am a recent homeowner and aspiring novelist (if only I could get out of my own way). Things I like: craft beer; movies; comics; hair dye; tattoos; dogs; art; music; nature; Viking stuff, and oh, yeah, writing. Things I don’t like: vengeful humans; abuse of any kind; discrimination; entitlement; overflowing toilets; crowded tasting rooms; rompers, and group texts.

I started this blog as an outlet to articulate my frustration with adult life, which can oftentimes prove horribly stressful and overwhelming. Also, I need to write, and this serves as motivator to get my ideas and observations out into the world. It’s a cathartic thing, really.

I look forward to reaching you guys through The Sumble is Real, and I welcome your feedback and questions.

Cheers! Stay jaunty.